Third Kind

Third Kind Verlichting voor op een skateboard/longboard 

Veilig en natuurlijk erg vet om led verliochting te monteren onder je skateboard of Longboard.
De Verlichting van Third Kind is sterk en weerbestendig en oplaadbaar middels een micro USB kabel.
De led verlichting is in te stellen in 7 verschillende kleuren en een knipper stand. 

Naar de verlichting Third Kind 

Third Kind® skateboard lights are the brightest and SAFEST LIGHTS ON THE MARKET! They are designed by fellow skaters to be strong, lightweight and weatherproof. Third Kind® skateboard lights include 7 selectable colors and a flash mode. These skateboard lights are also micro USB rechargeable and even include a 1 meter charge cable. They easily mount to any skateboard.

WE ARE SKATERS! Our CEO Chad Sandiford has been skating since he was 7 years old. He rides all disciplines of skate from skateboarding parks, pools and street to long distance and downhill riding. We know what it takes to build a quality product that can handle the abuses we put our boards through. We have been designing our lights since 2012 and have accumulated testing and input from thousands of riders around the world including pro skater Chris Kendall.

Third Kind lights are made using a featherweight, military grade case that is bulletproof and weighs just 3.4oz; that’s half the weight of the iPhone you’re holding. Lightweight means it has no affect on your ability to pull off gnar tricks. Our lights are also water-resistant, so don’t worry about getting caught in a monsoon… well worry, just not about your lights. Third Kind lights last 10+ hours per charge.

Lets face it for us skaters there is something intimate and badass about riding under the veil of night, but it sucks having to worry every time you see headlights around the corner. Will they see me? Third Kind lights are the only skate product endorsed by police for safety. That means they are bright enough for you to be seen up to a mile away.

Get lit. Be seen.