Timeship lagers

Vooralsnog verkopen wij van het merk Timeship alleen de lagers.

Deze lagers zijn goed geprijsd en sterk , geschikt voor race en downhill.

Bekijk hier de Timeship lagers 

Before you start riding, make sure you have the right safety gear! Based out of Costa Mesa, California, Skateboard company Timeship Racing specializes in tight fitting slide gloves perfect for free riding. They’ve become one of the most comfortable and durable gloves in the industry since they were establishment way back in 2005. Featuring fireproof thick patches on the fingers and reflective piping on the back of the palm, Timeship Racing skateboard gloves provide maximum protection for street racing and more. They’re made of high quality leather and have additional padding protection in the knuckle area. Snug fitting at first, it only takes a few sessions to break in a pair of these gloves. Lightweight and molded to your hands, it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing gloves at all! Timeship Racing gloves are available for adult and junior riders. They come in a variety of colors, including red, blue, white, and green. They even have Rasta styled gloves! Spills and impacts from heavy skating can leave some serious bruises and cuts.This is especially true if you’re trying out skateboarding for the first time or working on nailing a new trick. Keep your hands protected with Timeship Racing!

With over a decade of safety gear experience, Timeship Racing has become a favorite among skaters around the world. Feel the difference with Timeship Racing protective gear!