Randal - RII 150mm Black - Longboard Trucks

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The Randal 150mm cast in' axle makes a much stronger hanger than pressing the axle in.

This process requires another heat treatment and a Grade 8 axle but provides for a longer lasting truck than a traditional 'press in' axle. This process is also a little more costly but we're firm believers that you shouldn't cut corners on skateboard trucks. * New truck for carving tight turns on minis retros slalom and surf skates.
* Maintain stability at higher speeds through turns and while pushing. * 50º Base plates are more stable while compensating for a shorter wheel base. * Randal R•II 150 geometry allows for adjusting caster angle by flipping the hanger. * From the company that pioneered the downhill truck market.
* Base plates and hangers interchangeable with the Randal System. *150mm Grade 8 axles * Virgin grade aluminum. Grade 8 'cast in' axles. * New raw finish. * Grade 8 king pin. * Red 92a Conical Bushing * Lifetime Guarantee. * Made in the USA.

  • Kleur: Grey, Zwart
  • Hanger Breedte (mm): 150 mm
  • Truck type: RKP
  • Base plate hoek: 42 or 50 Degrees
  • As Diameter: 8 mm
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