Loaded's Version 6 Slide Gloves now come with Coolmax wicking fabric for more breath ability and a refined more form fitting shape reducing excess fabric on the thumb and wrists. Built with burly wrist protection (including a removable foam pad and serious wrist strap) Reflective lining Breathable mesh top New Durable synthetic leather palms with nylon reinforcement Velcro for the finger palm and thumb pucks. UHMW round thumb puck and palm pucks and hard plastic finger pucks.

Product Features:

  • Removable EVA foam wrist cushion: This is not a wrist guard. They will provide protection but are not intended to replace safe riding or appropriate safety gear.
  • Wrist wrap for aditional support
  • Reflective lining Breathable mesh top and Coolmax wicking fabric.
  • Durable synthetic suede palms.
  • Velcro palm thumb and fingers for optimized puck placement.
  • Ultra High Molecular Weight circular palm pucks and thumb pucks.
  • High density finger pucks.
  • No PVCs.
  • Placement Tips.

Proper puck placement and weight distribution can help extend and preserve the life of your Loaded Slide Gloves. The Palm Puck should be located closer to your forearm and should slightly overlap your wrist. Thumb pucks should be positioned on the outer side so they lay flat when sliding When sliding most of the pressure should be on the heal of your hand. Keep the pucks as flat as possible on the ground while sliding and apply most of the pressure to the palm by slightly bending your wrist. To make your loaded slide pucks last longer remember to rotate the pucks after one edge gets worn down. Everyone wears down pucks differently.

Feel free to customize the location of your pucks to your style of riding. Big smiles and a third arm have been known to improve sliding.

Slide Glove Sizing Sm/Med Fits smaller hands Lg/ XL Fits most avg to larger size hands

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Loaded - Slide Gloves - Slide Gloves

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