3DM Longboard wielen zijn een onderdeel van het merk Seismic.

Waar het merk Seismic (en zo 3DM) bekend om staan is de hoge kwaliteit wielen die zij maken in alle soorten en maten.

Er zijn verschillende wielen voor verschillende doeleinde: er zijn wielen voor snelheid, downhill, dansen, slide en voor het cruisen.
Voor elke doelstelling maakt 3DM een bijpassend wiel die zeer slijtvast zijn en exact bieden waar deze voor bedoelt zijn.

3DM is a skateboard wheels brand owned by Seismic Skate Systems.

Seismic has been providing high quality longboard wheels in the market since 1994. They are dedicated to engineering advanced, innovative products to enhance the riding experience of skaters. 3DM longboard wheels are the top choice for professional racers and longboarders.

Competitors who use 3DM longboard wheels have won more elite races than with any other brand—these wheels are the best! Developed from an urethane formula, their industry-leading wheels are lightweight with supercharged inside edge rebound. 3DM has a selection of various models that are made for different riding styles. 3DM Avila wheels are built for long distances and cruising.

Their Avalon model wheels are better suited for traditional longboarding. 3DM Cambria wheels are perfect if you want speed and grip, but don’t need to go all out with your riding. Are you a beginner to longboarding? 3DM is the brand you want! Their wheels are built to train you for fast, downhill boarding sessions. Longboards are designed for riders to produce smooth turns and control cruising at high speeds over long distances.

Due to larger sized decks, trucks, and wheels, their longboards allow you to feel comfortable while moving around. When it comes to the longboarding lifestyle, 3DM wheels are what you need to complete your board!

There’s a difference between ordinary and exceptional. When it comes to longboarding, 3DM offers the best wheels available. Take your riding to the next level with 3DM!

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