81Custom is een merk wat onderdelen maakt voor stuntsteppen en staan bekend om hun "Pegs", dit zijn busjes die bij de wielen gemonteerd worden om te grinden.

81Custom maakt als één van de weinige merken pegs die volledig van staal zijn en waar schroefdraad is ingetapt.
Hierdoor extreem slijtvast en geschikt voor alle stuntsteppen!

De pegs zijn beschikbaar in verschillende kleuren en worden geleverd met vier verschillende assen.

81 Customs are the home-grown producers and manufacturers of top quality extreme sports products within the UK.

The 81 Customs range has been designed to provided high quality replacement parts, without breaking the bank. There are a number of different products, in addition to different styles and colours within the range to offer a wide selection of choice to the customer.

There are FIVE different handle bar designs to choose from to suit all riding styles. All scooter bars are made using the influences of professional scooter riders. Each of the scooters bars within the rage is individually TIG welded for maximum strength and feature a 5mm laser cut slot.

81 Customs scooter pegs are renown throughout the industry. Having been tested by an elite group of scooter riders for their strength and quality they are the best value for money pegs you can find.

All scooter parts are made in the UK, from the finest materials available. The Union Jack logo is proudly printed at the base of all 81 Custom bars.