Bauer Schaatsen

Het bekenste schaatsmerk (als het gaat over Hockey schaatsen) is uiteraard Bauer.

Al bijna 100 jaar maakt Bauer schaatsen en is geen ontwikkeling waar Bauer niet aan de basis van stond.
Met invorende houders, ijzers en schoenen blijft Bauer het beste merk op de markt als het gaat over hockey schaatsen.

In 1927, the Bauer family, owners of Western Shoe Company, established the Bauer Skate company as it is known today in Kitchener, Ontario.

Bauer was the first hockey company to begin producing hockey skates in which the blade was permanently secured to the boot. The boot and blade were made by Bauer. This innovation changed the industry. In years following, Bauer Skate's top line was originally marketed under the trade name "Bauer Supreme". The company was further popularized by the prominence of Bobby Bauer, a family member and Hockey Hall of Fame member who starred for the Boston Bruins in the 30s and 40s.

In the 1960s, the company paid superstar Bobby Hull to endorse their skates. This move, and the introduction soon after of the TUUK chassis, ushered in a new era for the company.

Then in the early 1970s, Jim Roberts, also of the Canadiens, began wearing the now famous TUUK blade. High-profile teammates Guy Lafleur, Steve Shutt and Jacques Lemaire soon followed. The success of this blade chassis was such that by 1995, the various Canstar skate brands (Micron, Bauer, etc.) had a 70% NHL market share while their TUUK and ICM holders combined for a 95% share. (Note: Bauer no longer offers the ICM holder on player skates, although it is still offered with goalie skates, in addition to the TUUK cowling.)

In 1994, Bauer began producing the perforated TUUK chassis, which is the piece of equipment that connects the steel blade to the actual boot of the skate. This revolutionized the sport of hockey[citation needed] because it allowed skates to be made lighter, as well as more durable.