G-Form Revolutionaire Bescherming voor Skaters 

G-Form is de enige bescherming die geweldig werkt maar niet in de weg zit.

Hoe kan iets wat zo zacht en comfortabel als de G Form beschermers zo goed beschermen ?

Dit is mogelijk omdat G-Form met Reaction Protection Technology™ werkt, Wat wil zeggen dat de het materiaal zacht is maar bij impact hard wordt.

De moleculen bijven zacht doordat vdeze soepel langs elkaar heen bewegen zolang er geen impact is.
Echter bij impact vormen de moleculen een verbinding met elkaar waardoor deze hard worden.

Zodra de impact is verdwenen wordt het materiaal weer zacht 

naar de producten van G-Form 

G-Form staat voor

    • Optimale Bescherming 
    • Flexibel 
    • Lichtgewicht
    • Ademend 
    • Slank
    • Geschikt voor de Wasmachine
    • Sliden is mogelijk
    • Ventilerend 


Hieronder de Engelse beschrijving

G-Form's revolutionary technology is designed to provide superior protection without hindering movement. The body-mapped RPT® padding ensures key coverage to the most vulnerable areas of the body. G-Form products have a low-profile, articulated design allowing them to form to your body, hugging each curve to provide a second-skin fit that’s unique to each individual.

And because our soft, fully-flexible RPT padding is sewn onto moisture wicking compression fabric, you never have to worry about our products moving out of place.


How can something soft, lightweight, and comfortable protect so well against impact? G-Form uses its Reaction Protection Technology™ that allows thea pads to stay soft and only harden on impact.

g-form hoe het werkt



The molecules in the foam slightly repel each other, making the material soft and flexible.


Molecules bind together causing the pads to stiffen, absorb, and redistribute the energy from the impact.


Once the energy from the impact dissipates, the molecules return to their original state and the pads go back to being soft and malleable.PROTECTIVE


Our proprietary RPT® pads are specifically designed for the impacts of each sport. They absorb and disperse impact energy while remaining lightweight and flexible.


No hard shell means better comfort and better performance. G-Form’s signature second-skin fit ensures that our products are flexible at key locations for total freedom of movement.


G-Form pads are so light you can forget they’re on, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. We’ve got you covered without weighing you down or sacrificing protection.


Ventilation lets heat escape so you can play hard and stay cool. Never endure sauna-like plastic again.


Secure fit = fewer annoying distractions. The close, supportive compression fit provides comfort and support for muscles and joints.


Bulky pads are a thing of the past. Sleek, streamlined and lightweight, G-Form products are designed only to be noticed when you need them.


Just throw them in the wash and line dry. It couldn’t be easier to keep your gear fresh and ready for the next round.


Our pads are designed to meet industry safety standards where applicable.** Go ahead and push your limits further while staying safe and covered.


New fabric technology in our slideable line allows pads to slide on smooth surfaces. Effortlessly dive across the court without hitting any snags.


Designed to move as you move. Created to vent as it bends, reducing heat build up. RPT® technology reacts on impact to protect you. Top layer fabric slides on field or court surfaces.