Madrid Longboards

Naar de boards van Madrid

Jerry Madrid is begonnen met het maken van boards in de garage van zijn ouders in de voornamelijk om de tijd te doden wanneer hij niet kon surfen. Dit was ongeveer in 1960

Vandaag de dag maakt het merk Madrid nog steeds longboards vanuit de Huntington Beach Factory waar ze mooie en goed werkende boards produceren. 



Jerry Madrid began shaping skateboards in his parents' garage in the late 1960s to stay busy when the Southern California waves weren't good enough to surf.

After developing some of the first modern concaves to hit the market, Madrid produced a series of iconic collaborations throughout the '80s, including the Madrid x Valterra Skateboard ridden by Marty McFly in the original Back to the Future movie, and the Vans x Madrid Fly Shoe, the first co-branded skate shoe from Vans. Most recently, Madrid was featured in the popular Netflix television series Stranger Things.

Today, we're still turning out skateboards from our Huntington Beach factory with the belief that boards should be crafted to perfection and guaranteed to perform.