Pantheon Longboards

De Missie van Pantheon is simpel ; mensen uitrusten met inspirerende outdoor-avontuurproducten, gemaakt met liefde en waardering voor onze onderlinge verbondenheid, om actie te resoneren en een positieve impact te hebben op onze omgeving en onze medemensen. Pantheon boards hebben een ecologisch duurzaam ontwerp.

Naar de boards van Pantheon 

Hi, I’m Jeff! Welcome to my manifestation–the world of PANTHEON. Pantheon Longboards was born in 2009. It was a dream which I didn’t fully understand at the time, and it laid dormant for several years while I spent time in the longboard/skateboard industry learning everything I could about skateboarding and making skateboards.

I moved to New York City in 2011, and I met my future wife, Maribeth, outside a skate shop not long after. We worked together and co-developed our passion and skills in active 4-wheeled transport during a time when longboarding was booming in New York and all over the globe. We didn’t know it then, but it wouldn’t be long before we bore a son, and my work moved us to rural Maryland. Soon thereafter, we began to manifest a new collective dream of founding of a skateboard company and using it to speak to our skate community and the world. This is where PANTHEON began, and our passion for creating and inspiring continues as PANTHEON has quickly grown to a world-wide skate company.

Our mission is simple: Equip humans with inspiring outdoor adventure products, created with love and an appreciation of our interconnectedness, to resonate action and make a positive impact on our environment and fellow beings. We are committed to maximize the value of inputs, to the conservation of materials, eco-sustainable design, and conveying a message and purpose through our brand.

It is a straight forward concept, and our dedication toward this has been working well so far! PANTHEON is healthy and growing sustainably, even in times when it has been difficult to do so.


Our designs are inspired. We do not respond to trends; we set them. We are dedicated to the teacher / learner interaction. We take every opportunity for our product and company to have a voice, and we take every opportunity for that voice to be expanded upon through the never-ending search and reverence of excellent experience!

In early 2016, we moved from our home near family in Pennsylvania to our new home at the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. From here, it is our goal to continue to build the framework and expand upon the message of PANTHEON, turn more people on to the adventures that skateboard transport can provide, and serve as a beacon for collective enhancement, balance, praise, and gratitude for the human life experience. We are here in form by choice, with clearly defined intent.

Let us rejoice. Grab life by the board and shred it!