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REKD Protection strives to create distinctive, attractive products that provide optimum protection, support and comfort whilst giving the premium look and feel that modern riders demand.

Rekd Helm

Action sports create high expectations for protective gear and, while there are many products and brands to choose from these days, REKD brings you high quality British designed products that provide great comfort, distinct support and premium quality protection where it matters.


Our key focus is on safety and structure. After much research, testing, hand-sculpting, prototyping and moulding, the team believes that it has created one of the toughest, best fitting and most comfortable certified helmets on the market today. Whether you ride a longboard, skateboard, BMX or roller skates, REKD helmets will give you optimum protection and, thanks to the low-fitting, lightweight design, they will not hinder your performance, making it suitable for all action sports.

How To Measure Your Head

Hoofd omtrek meten van een skate helm

Using a measuring tape, measure the widest part of your head.

This is usually just above your eyebrows and ears.

The size guide below will tell you which size REKD helmet you should wear, based on your head measurement


All REKD helmets come with two sets of padding inserts to ensure you get the optimum fit.

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The helmet needs to sit properly and fit correctly to give the best protection. The helmet should not be too tight or too loose, extra padding is included and more padding is available to purchase separately to give you more size options.

Everyone’s head is a different shape. If 4mm padding it is too loose but 6mm padding is too tight, try mixing the padding, such as 4mm padding on the front and 6mm padding on the rear, or the other way around. This will help you find the perfect fit.


You should not wear your helmet too far forward as it may block your vision, or too far backwards on your head as it may expose your forehead.

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