Tunnel Skateboard/Longboard Wielen

bekijk de wielen van Tunnel 

One of the great names in skateboarding. Whether bombing Signal Hill at over 50 miles per hour, ripping California pools or pumping past vert in desert pipes, Tunnel wheels and boards are always up to the task.

Made in USA

When you buy skateboard products, you want to make sure that you’re buying the best! With a great history in skateboarding that goes back to 1975, all Tunnel skateboards and skateboard wheels are made in the US of A, so you can be assured that the quality is there. Look for the Tunnel logo when getting a skateboard!

Tunnel Wheels

If you want the best skateboard wheels in the world, you definitely need Tunnel wheels. Our Tunnel Rocks come in a variety of colors and hardnesses, and the 70mm Tunnel Tarantula wheels and 75mm Tunnel Kondors are a perfect way to upgrade your longboard. For pools and parks, try out the Rocks Park 57mm, and our Gel-E-Fish softies are perfect for cruising around town. Tunnel’s STR, or Speed Through Research, racing urethane wheels were tested at Maryhill and are poured in Huntington Beach.

So if you’re rolling downhill, riding vert in a park, or simply cruising the streets, check the world’s finest wheels and skateboards – Tunnel!